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BOB JONES is a "Musician's Musician" who has been a fixture of New York City's bluegrass and folk music scenes since the early '70s. The immense scope of his impressive credentials range from being the first guitarist/ accompanist for master klezmer clarinetist/mandolinist Andy Statman to performing sacred songs from the black and white traditions with the Singing Conquerors, a NYC interracial bluegrass/gospel string band.

Bob is in great demand as guitarist/bassist and is currently an active member of eight different local groups, including Gillygaloo, Jay Bird and The Plunk Brothers. In addition to being a master musician, he's also a very fine singer. Bob's life-long passion for singing started when he attended choir school as a young boy and sang in the choir of his father's church.

For his "day gig," Bob heals and restores fretted string instruments. Highly regarded and respected by musicians and instrument technicians alike, he has come to be known as "Dr. Frets.


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